Who we are?

International Initiatives for Creative Innovators and Entrepreneurs (IICIE) is Canada 's leading professional membership organization for innovation and global startup entrepreneurship. Founded in 2012 IICIE offers and delivers individual corporate certification programs to enhance the SMB and corporate innovation ecosystems. As part of the IICIE family the IICIE Startup Program offers the ability for unique and innovative startups to expand internationally and beyond local markets. It's the institute's mission to enhance, allow and promote startups to build a national success by taking advantage of global opportunities.

Our history


A startup promoting platform for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.

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Global Innovation Resources

A community based database for new entrepreneurs and startups by old and experienced entrepreneurs and startups.
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IICIE is proud to present its partnership with Start-up Chile. This partnership will further enhance the growth and add value to the start-up eco-system in Latin America as well as global start-ups

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IICIE GBIE Conference

The Global Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference brings innovation insights from all parts of the globe to share ideas, best practices and exclusive innovation discussions

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Four Steps of Certifications

Each steps builds on previous steps with an emphasis on learning by doing through projects.

Level 1 is deigned to cover the fundamental definition of innovation and how it occurs within the organizations.

Level 2 will teach techniques and tools that will equip business innovation managers to manage innovation within an organization from the ground up.

This examination will focus on Level 1 and Level 2 methodologies and will assist individuals in understanding their grasp of innovation.

Within Level 3 individuals will work with IICIE approved mentors to successfully develop a billion dollar idea.

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