The Global Age of Entrepreneurship

You came up with a GREAT IDEA and found the IDEAL COFOUNDER. Both of you generate some SEED FUNDING and join an incubator. Soon, you BUILD A PROTOTYPE and even start getting local customers. It seems your entrepreneurship dream is coming true.

But what do you do after that to make your Startup grow and survive?

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A startup promoting platform for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.

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Global Innovation Resources

A community based database for new entrepreneurs and startups by old and experienced entrepreneurs and startups.
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►Learn why it is important to think with a Global Mindset when establishing a Startup
► Understand how to Generate Ideas that resonate Globally
► Develop and enhance the personal skills and characteristics necessary to become successful in Global Business

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► Become a leader of innovation initiatives in your organization
► Understand how culture and leadership impacts innovation success
► Create competitive advantage in your industry through innovation strategy

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Four Steps of Certifications

Each steps builds on previous steps with an emphasis on learning by doing through projects.

Level 1 is deigned to cover the fundamental definition of innovation and how it occurs within the organizations.

Level 2 will teach techniques and tools that will equip business innovation managers to manage innovation within an organization from the ground up.

This examination will focus on Level 1 and Level 2 methodologies and will assist individuals in understanding their grasp of innovation.

Within Level 3 individuals will work with IICIE approved mentors to successfully develop a billion dollar idea.

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