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AJ Khan

 AJ Khan is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of IICIE Inc. and a member of the International Advisory Board (IAB) of IICIE.  AJ is a serial entrepreneur who has over 17 years of experience and expertise in start-ups, innovation, emerging technologies, business development and strategic management.  During his career, AJ has established multiple start-ups in Middle East, Europe and North America.  These include start-ups in the field of Demand Generation, Learning and Development, Technology Strategy, Marketing, Cyber-Security, Innovation, and Business Process Outsourcing.  The clients of these start-ups included such prestigious entities as Hewlett-Packard, Royal Bank of Canada, Cisco Systems, Kuwait Petroleum, Saudi Aramco, GTAA Toronto Pearson Airport and other such global corporations. 

AJ Khan’s latest book “The Global Age of Entrepreneurship” attests to his passion in this regard.  The book aims to take the entrepreneur through the exciting journey of the entrepreneurship eco-system to the stage where it is finally having a global presence.  This journey starts by defining just who is an entrepreneur.  Other important ingredients of the entrepreneurship journey are Innovation, Branding and Marketing, Social Sales, Community Building, a Global Business Model and understanding the global marketplace.  In addition, it is also imperative to know and utilize the KPIs that measure success.
AJ is passionate about Innovation and Entrepreneurship.  In his view, the best way to add value to a society enabling the success and growth of start-ups.  This not only helps in job creation and poverty alleviation but also enhances quality of life through commercialization of new and innovative solutions to humanities challenges.