About Us

Eric Van der Veen

Eric is the founder and co-owner of Invest2Start. Entrepreneurs looking for funding from all G20 countries (including all European countries individually) can present their pitch at www.invest2start.com to investors. Eric has over 10 years of entrepreneurial experience and wants to improve the business climate around the world. Every entrepreneur is welcome on the Invest2Start online platform. No thresholds are set. Thanks to Invest2Start, several entrepreneurs have now been able to make their dream come true, and that's what Eric wants every entrepreneur to do. 

General information about Invest2Start
Invest2Start connects (starting) entrepreneurs looking for funding and investors. Entrepreneurs looking for funding can present their pitch to investors via our platform, with the aim of achieving this goals:
- realise the plans of the (starting) entrepreneur;
- a good return for the investor.
But why wouldn't a (starting) entrepreneur go to the bank or raise financing via crowdfunding? Because investors can provide the entrepreneur with practical advice and often give them access to networks with customers and suppliers. For more information click here.
Place your pitch on Invest2Start, the investor funding platform, and explain your proposition!