Annual Maintenance Fee

What are AMFS?



 "AMF" is an acronym for "Annual Maintenance Fee.” AMFs are used by IICIE to directly support the costs of maintaining the credential and related support systems.

As a member of IICIE, you are responsible for the Annual Maintenance Fees (AMFs) for your certification. Accordingly, the invoice for your AMF is billed to you, the member, for the certification on an annual basis.


How to Pay Your AMFs

The best way to maintain your credential(s) after you are certified is online, via the IICIE Website. Using the IICIE Website, you can submit and monitor the status of AMFs, as well as Innovation Points Earned (IPEs). Upon certification, the letter accompanying your certificate will have a user name and password and specific instructions for accessing your account. You will also automatically receive a transcript and invoice (if one is due) on your anniversary date each year via your email address of record, so please remember to update your contact information if it changes.


How Much are My AMFs?

AMF's are due during each year of the three-year certification cycle before the member's certification or recertification annual anniversary date.



Certified Business Innovation Manager (CBIM) CAD 66.00