CEO Message

IICIE has always been all about adding value to the society we live in through Innovation & Entrepreneurship and this need for Innovation & Entrepreneurship has become even more critical as we move towards a more Connected World. A world in which Smart Cities, Connected & Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs), Industry 4.0 & Drone-based deliveries are just some examples of areas where we face unknown challenges and significant opportunities. All these areas of innovation will have a major impact in shaping human life as we know it and thought leaders need to focus on enabling this journey.

IICIE intends to play the role of a catalyst in this brave new world. We want to better understand the diverse challenges in the connected world such as mental health and cyber so that solutions to these challenges can be enumerated. We also want to give Innovators & Entrepreneurs the tools needed to leverage the opportunities such as the transformation which is happening in Mobility today. Ultimately, all this will lead to enabling a better human society and IICIE should play its role in bringing individuals, organizations & countries together to enable this change.

We look forward to this brave new world of exciting innovation & exhilarating entrepreneurship.

AJ Khan