Our Certification Process

Receiving your certification is a several-step process:


1. Relevant Experience

All candidates must have a proven record of the following experience:

  • • Bachelor’s Degree OR five (5) years of proven work experience within a business or corporate environment.
  • • Two years of relevant work experience within a business or corporate environment.

Candidates are eligible for a waiver of professional experience if certain conditions are met.  The purpose of this is to recognize the efforts of any  candidate who has relevant experience in entrepreneurship or innovation and/or has received education, and apply it toward a waiver of experience.


2. Register for your first class

Our certifications consists of three (3) different levels built from fundamental to advanced business innovation methodologies, focused on applying concepts to real business issues and projects.

  • • Register and complete your Level 1 Course – 3 Days.
  • • Register and complete your Level 2 Course – 4 Days.


Once you have completed your Level 1 and Level 2 courses you can proceed to schedule your exam.



3. Schedule the Exam

  • • Exams can be scheduled at designated Exam Centers throughout the world.
  • • Complete the Examination Agreement, attesting to the truth of your assertions regarding professional experience, and legally committing to the adherence of the IICIE Code of Innovation.
  • • Submit the examination fee.


To schedule an exam please contact info@iicie.com


4. Pass the Exam

All candidates need to successfully pass the written exam to successfully proceed forward to Level 3 of the certification process.  


5. Complete the Level 3 Project 

Once you are notified that you have successfully passed the examination you will be able to register for your Level 3 Project.


Within your Level 3 project you can use a real-time based project or an idea that can be solved from your learning experience within Level 1 and Level 2 Courses of the certification.


Within your level 3 Project you are required to take a minimum of 10 hours of direct professional innovation mentorship assistance in applying innovation methodologies. Mentors are mandatory to ensure methodologies are applied correctly and real results are driven as an outcome.


6. Submit Your Project

Submit your project to IICIE with your mentor.

7. Congratulations! You are now a certified professional in area of innovation or global entrepreneurship

Once your project is reviewed and approved, you will receive your certification. Congratulations!


8. Maintain the Certification

Recertification is required every three years, with ongoing requirements to maintain your certification in good standing. This is primarily accomplished through Points Earned. More information on qualifying IPEs will be available upon certification. All certified individuals also need to be updated on the requirements of AMFs (annual maintenance fee).