Managing your Certification

To remain in good standing as a member of IICIE a certification holder must:

  • Abide by the IICIE Code of Innovation
  • Obtain and submit the required Points Earned on an annual basis
  • Submit Annual Maintenance Fees (AMFs) upon receipt of annual invoices

IICIE Code of Innovation
It should go without saying that no certificate holder should be working in the innovation or global entrepreneurship community if he or she is in violation of ethical standards required to add value to society. All professionals who are certified by IICIE recognize that such certifications are a privilege that must be both earned and maintained. In support of this principle, all IICIE members are required to commit to fully support the IICIE Code of Innovation and/or entrepreneurship.

Points Earned
Ensuring continued competence and involvement in the innovation community is accomplished by meeting the Points Earned requirement by IICIE.
Certified professionals must earn the minimum number of Points Earned annually during each year of the three-year certification cycle. Although members may earn more than the minimum number of points required for credential maintenance for the three-year cycle, they are still required to earn and submit the minimum annual number to maintain their certification in good standing.

Annual Maintenance Fees (AMFs)
Payment of Annual Maintenance Fees (AMFs) ensures that the organization has the necessary financial resources to maintain member records, ensures certification continues to meet the needs and requirements of the market, and ensures that the organization will continue to be a functional, dynamic entity far into the future.

Points System 

A certified individual is  required to earn and post a minimum of 40 points (of the 150 points required in the three-year certification cycle) and pay the AMF of US$ 66/- during each year of the three-year certification cycle before the member’s certification or recertification annual anniversary date.

Regaining Membership if Certification has been suspended
Suspension of certification can only be lifted when the minimum annual points and AMF requirements are met. From the date of suspension, members will have a grace period of 100 days to get their points and AMFs up to date. Following the third consecutive suspension, a notification from IICIE will automatically be sent via email to inform the member that he or she has been decertified.