Affiliate FAQ

Q: Do I have to be a member of IICIE in order to join IICIE as an Affiliate?
A:  Yes, you must be an IICIE member to become an affiliate.

Q: How many IPEs can I earn by joining Affiliate Program?
A: Members do not earn IPEs upon become an affiliate, however; members can earn one (1) IPE per hour for each hour attending a meeting based on innovation topics or by participating in the events by IICIE affiliates. 

Q: How do I find information about existing affiliates?
A: The IICIE Affiliate Directory is available on the IICIE Website under the Affiliate tab.

Q: What is the membership fee to become IICIE affiliate?

A: An individual or organization an annual cost in order to become an IICIE affiliate. In addition to that as the name suggests, the program offers huge monetary and non-monetary benefits such as increase in income, brand awareness and recognition in market. 

Q: What does an IICIE Affiliate do?
A: IICIE Affiliates promote and market products and services of IICIE and the startups listed with IICIE. IICIE's startups are independent business ventures registered with IICIE from different parts of the world. 

Q: How can I find out when IICIE meetings and events are held?
A: You can refer to the IICIE Affiliate Events Calendar, or contact an affiliate directly to find out the affiliate's schedule of events.