Calculating IPEs

Below are different methods on how to earn and calculate IPEs.

  • Participate in Webinars, Seminars, Pod Casts
    Search the Internet for free Webinars, Pod Casts, or seminars focusing on Innovation methodology, technology, or practices offered by various providers of Innovation services.
  • Attend an Innovation Conference
    Attend an innovation conference anywhere in the world and earn IPEs.
  • Take a Self-Study Course
    Search the Internet for free self-study courses on Innovation methodology, technology or practices offered by providers of Innovation services.
  • Attend an Innovation Presentation
    The presentation must have an educational aspect with regard to Innovation methodology, technology, or practice.
  • Read a Book/Write a Review
    Submit a book review on a recent innovation and entrepreneurship book you've read. You'll receive IPEs if the review is accepted and posted on the IICIE Website.
  • Become an IICIE Affiliate
     Become an IICIE affilate and promote innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Write an Innovation Article
    The publication of an information security article placed in a journal or magazine can earn you IPEs.
  • Start an Innovation Blog on
    Everytime you write a blog and it is accepted on, you will earn IPEs.
  • Take other IICIE courses
    Enhance your Innovation and Entrepreneurship knowledge by taking an IICIE course and earn IPEs.