Certified Global Entrepreneurship Consultant

Certified Global Entrepreneurship Consultant (CGEC) is IICIE’s premiere certification focused upon entrepreneurship.  Today, we live in the 'Golden Age of Entrepreneurship'.  But more importantly, we live in the Global Age of Entrepreneurship.  It is essential for any new entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship venture to have a global outlook to succeed and thrive.  That is why the Certified Global Entrepreneurship Consultant (CGEC) certification aims to change the mindset of participants to think globally for their start-up.  It will teach participants how promising products, processes or services can be successfully commercialized in the local market and then taken successfully to new markets across the world.

Certified Global Entrepreneurship Consultant (CGEC) is aimed at new start-ups as well as corporate entities.  For start-ups, its global approach brings immediate success in the form of new sales opportunities.  For large corporate entities, the CGEC plays an even more critical role in ensuring that a global can-do approach develops and is maintained through-out the organization. Whether it is about corporate strategy, brand-building, execution or partner management, organizations can only survive in today’s competitive environment by ensuring that they are as nimble as a start-up and are aware of disruptive innovations throughout the world.  It is imperative to quickly and efficiently bring to market viable processes, products, and services that bring economic value and increase the competitiveness of the organization, thus ensuring its long term survival.


To become a Certified Global Entrepreneurship Consultant (CGEC), each participant is required to attend the Level1 and Level2 courses and take a theory exam.  In addition, the candidate must go through the process of launching a new venture with the help of IICIE Certified Mentors while utilizing the concepts and methodologies taught in this course.









Senior Managers

Project Managers

Research & Development professionals

Education professionals

Government policy and decision makers