The GREAT Program

The Global Reach Entrepreneurship Advanced Training (“GREAT”) program is a unique 365 day global business training program, enriching entrepreneurs, business managers, and business owners with the essential skills they need to make their businesses succeed in a global market place. As most of the businesses are becoming highly internationalized, the need to quickly adapt to the changing international business landscape is continuing to increase. 
To transition business from domestic to international, there is a dire need to consider a whole new set of factors and parameters that might not necessarily impact a locally oriented company including but not limited to language barriers, cultural disparities, compliance issues, regulatory differences, varying competitive landscapes, and different pace of operations. Therefore, with the necessary business acumen to carefully deal with the challenges of expanding business operations, a multitude of risks can be adequately mitigated.  
The GREAT program will integrate real-world experience, and cutting-edge research models to help master key skills and adopt a mindset required to creatively solve business challenges locally and cross-borders. 
It will provide benefits in the following areas:
  • Marketing, sales and technology strategies
  • Going global to enter new markets
  • Hire and create new jobs
  • Offset slow growth in respective market
  • Leadership and negotiation skills
The program is relevant for a large audience base including but not limited to: 
  • Small to medium sized business owners
  • Business Managers
  • Government
  • Innovation support organizations
  • Students aspiring to specialize in local and international business management
Program coverage
GREAT program will be composed of 12 core workshops essential for participants to lead both locally and internationally
  • New Product Development 
  • Global sales
  • International market selection and entry
  • Global demand generation 
  • Principles of global brand awareness 
  • Qualities of a global leader 
  • Building and managing cross-cultural teams 
  • Impact of culture in global business 
  • Negotiations for the Global Business Manager 
  • Understanding global finance 
  • International trade finance 
  • Channel management 
  • Supply Chain management for a global company
Additional program benefits
Additional features for the GREAT program include opportunities for the participants to benefit from networking opportunities such as international conferences, and internships with internationally focused companies.