Given the corporate necessity to thrive in a quickly changing environment, Innovation4ALL training is designed to develop sound capabilities, and an innovation mindset amongst all employees in a corporation, from all business functions and at all organizational levels to initiate, execute and lead innovative approaches as innovation is essentially a corporate wide responsibility. The ultimate objective of pursuing the right innovation strategy entails that the corporation goals and objectives are met without any compromise. As a one day training, supplemented with a 3-month innovation project, it will facilitate the participants to develop the capabilities required to identify innovation opportunities, and implement collaborative approaches to deliver effectively on requirements for managing innovation and change. It will also prepare participants to develop approaches that can make innovation sustainable to realize competitive advantage.
Innovation4ALL training program will cover the following learning aspects:
  • Create a culture of innovation.
  • Innovation through teamwork.
  • Identify innovation opportunities.
  • Foster creativity among employees.
  • Create and shorten processes.
Innovation4ALL training will be supplemented with ‘Innovation Challenge’ that will enable participants to apply core learning aspects to a 3 month team project on innovation, and the best performance will be recognized for their performance in a ceremony. 
Innovation4ALL is designed to train collective business and government professionals working at all levels of an organization. The training aims to equip professionals with the necessary knowledge, and tools for initiating, executing innovation projects, and finally synergizing in all aspects of project implementation. Given a collective approach to training, the intended audience encompasses: 
  • Professionals at all private sector businesses
  • Public sector professionals 
  • Government professionals
  • Innovation Support Organizations Professionals
  • Other professionals with innovation oriented work requirements
Key benefits
Innovation4ALL training benefits are manifold, and include:
  • One day training with a risk-free learning environment for all organizational employees 
  • Three month practical application to innovation project
  • Developing a mindset for innovation, and joint capabilities for fostering a culture capable of managing change
  • Generating sound capabilities for all employees to initiate, and execute innovation projects
  • Augmenting abilities to transform innovation efforts into measurable operational improvements
  • Developing the knowledge to understand and gauge innovation progress
  • Accessing knowledge resources on Learning Management System
  • Obtaining feedback on innovation project
  • Accessing exciting promotional items such as mugs, and pens