With the changing needs of having entrepreneurial spirit, and mindsets in the corporate world, the art of mastering intrapreneurship has become extremely important. This importance emerges from a number of factors. It is pivotal to success of growing companies, as it creates entrepreneurial mindset and the infrastructure needed to support growth.  Secondly, in today’s world it is highly important for organizations to innovate consistently to support top line growth. To extract quality results, and to sustain innovation, it is exceedingly important that the right context is established for innovation requiring right people, right processes and the right environment. Hence, innovation and intrapreneurship go hand-in-hand, and it is extremely important to develop the right environment and mindsets to extract meaningful outcomes.


Program features and structure

Unleashing Corporate Intrapreneurship training is a 16 week program that is aimed towards instilling in participants, the ability to systematically build on their ideas into successful corporate ventures. Thus to ensure success, steps have been incorporated as part of the training structure to establish, examine, and ultimately authenticate business model by keeping a customer-centric approach throughout the program. This approach can have two highly beneficial outcomes: Firstly, it fosters confidence towards investing in new projects while halting instantly projects with low commercial value. Secondly, it develops entrepreneurial mindset and skill-set for participants as they embark on a future entrepreneurial journey. 



This training is developed for aspiring individuals, professionals, and corporate groups that are involved in executing intrapreneurship projects, or would like to make intrapreneurship a core organizational competency to respond with an impact to changing environments. The collective, and individual approach to training will thus attract the following set of audiences: 

✓ Innovation Managers

✓ Product Managers

✓ HR and Talent Development Executives

✓ Organizational Change Managers

✓ Incubators


Program features

The program has a number of features to facilitate the development of ideas, skills, knowledge, and individuals to fully enhance entrepreneurial capabilities, and mindsets to enable effective launch of projects systematically and with confidence. These include:

  • • A Program Director
  • • Mentors, and mentor sessions
  • • Pre-training entrepreneurship development
  • • Access to cutting edge resources and tools to get closer to customers and tailored to the subject matter for that week
  • • Assignments, and assessments
  • • Lean experiments – customer centricity in application
  • • Digital libraries capturing top resources 
  • • Large number of hours devoted to intrapreneurship


Team mentors

The experienced team mentors will facilitate the participants through their experience refining the participant’s value proposition as they define their customer segment, and augmenting their selling pitch. Mentors will be seasoned to specific subject categories to ensure that the participants are guided as accurately as possible across various sessions starting from the ideation phase through to the launch phases.


Pre-training entrepreneurship development

Pre-training entrepreneurship development will take place for upto 2-3 days, and is an essential aspect for program preparation. It will equip participants with the knowledge of corporate entrepreneurship/ intrapreneurship necessary to succeed in later phases of the program. Thus core concepts in Intrapreneurship will be covered along with testing with real customers, and real ideas. 


Customer centricity 

The customer-centred approach is a pivotal part of the entire program. At every stage teams will be asked to verify the feasibility of their project by visiting customers for feedback. 


Customizability feature

One of the most appealing features of ‘Unleashing Corporate Intrapreneurship’ program is the customizability option for the clients in a range of areas including:

  • A) Sponsorship – Participants will have the ease to launch their intrapreneurship efforts in directions specific to the corporation needs and objectives  
  • B) Team building – As Intrapreneurship teams are specifically meant to be diverse, teams will be offered opportunities to connect with talents from across various other institutions such as universities to broaden perspective and application
  • C) Flexibility to manage time: The participants will be offered resources to ensure that they make the best use of their time while in the program, and any lapse in the time is fully averted.
  • D) Physical vs virtual experience: Benefits will be offered in terms of the option to choose between a virtual involvement as opposed to physical involvement whereby the activities such as mentor guidance, and team collaboration could be virtual
  • E) External involvement: Participants will be able to have active involvement of external developers who can quickly pilot the products to sample customers for rapid feedback and improvisation


Teaching methodology

The curriculum will adopt a systematic approach to learning involving: 1) Developing the knowledge base from the concepts and theory, 2) Developing the skills through application of concepts and theory, and 3) Testing the theory and concepts on clients and customers