Grasp your dreams of being an international startup. Reduce Costs, Increase Revenue

Are You Ready To Expand Internationally?

The IICIE “GoGlobal” program is designed to assist startups at various levels to successfully enter and infiltrate new global regions. Are you ready to go international? Our program offers a comprehensive service which can assist you in successfully identifying the right markets, regions and strategy.

Market Selection

Where should you start? Find your early adopters!

Market Entry Plan

Explore all market entry options and select the right one: Partner, Invest or organic growth

Partner Selection

We have spent time in developing comprehensive partner channels

Enhancing Global Awareness
Choose the right marketing strategies to increase your global presence

International Business Cross Cultures
Expand your influence while maintaining your culture

Product and Pricing Strategy
Comprehensive analysis for the right geographical pricing structure

Trade Finance
Assistance in successfully managing money transactions

Managing and working with different legal systems

International Sales
Successful growth initiatives and management

Channel Management
Creating successful international delivery processes

Demand Generation
Drive awareness to your product via targeted marketing

Think of the big picture. There are no borders, going international conveys abundant advantages which position your company better than any local organization. The IICIE GoGlobal program is designed to aggressively assist any startup organization in a need of successful expansion to new regions.

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