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Thank You For A Successful Event

We want to thank you all who attended our launch event June 4, 2015 at the Toronto Board Of Trade. The event has attracted over 150 individuals and brought the venue to capacity! Recognized speakers from the Royal Bank of Canada, Ryerson University and IICIE delivered valuable information to the audience in respect to innovation and entrepreneurship – a big thanks to them!


Certified Business Innovation Manager Level 1 Certification


As a reminder to all of those who attended the event: Level 1 Certified Business Innovation Manager registration is now open. Users who attended the event will be automatically registered within our systems soon! An e-mail will be sent once this is completed. For those who missed the event: Registrations will remain open until June 19, 2015. Don’t wait and register now to claim your courses for LEVEL 1 Certification.



Benefits of the CBIM Certification

• Become part of the global innovation community.
• Understand the systematic method of innovation.
• Become a Leader of innovation initiatives in your organization.
• Identify areas of your organization where strategic innovation is required.
• Create competitive advantage in your industry through innovation strategy.
• Identify whitespace opportunities in your field.
• Create a culture of innovation in your organization so that new ideas just happen.
• Apply the innovation process to ensure continuous growth.
• Foster an opportunity mindset within your organization.




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