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The International Institute of Certified Innovators and Entrepreneurs  


Global Smart Week

Join us as we exhibit and moderate part of the global smart week event November 3-4 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre!
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Startup Canada is travelling the country to provide on-site inspiration, mentorship, training and new opportunities to thousands of Canadian entrepreneurs as they start and grow their companies. Join us at Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto as we discuss the importance of global entrepreneurship within a panel at each of these locations! More details HERE!




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Innovation News



Liberals Win!
Congratulations to the Liberals and Justin Trudeau! We will look forward to the promised $900M boost to high-tech innovation, fund startup incubators.
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New Global Goals for the UN, New Global Innovation Opportunities for Business

There are major innovation gaps which could solve poverty, health issues and provide clean water. Is the private sector up to the task?
We think they might be!
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The International Institute of Certified Innovators and Entrepreneurs (IICIE) is happy to introduce its “GoGlobal” and “GoCanada” services.

We combine the following together

  • Geographically dispersed start-up focused community
  • Ability to connect, promote, distribute, and sell to buyers
  • Ability for buyers to provide insights, feedback and invest
  • Exchange of ideas leading to new and innovative products
  • Continuous growth of community and start-ups in it
  • Market identification, Market Plan, Strategy and execution

Are You Ready to Go Global?


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