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“Seeking for passionate entrepreneurship and startup professionals who are looking to make a difference”


The Introduction

The purpose of this page is to introduce cooperation between IICIE and global affiliates.  The IICIE global affiliate program specializes in working with startups to offer unique and innovative products globally. 

The Program Explanation

Launched in 2015, the purpose of the program is to enable international sales of unique and innovative startup companies. Startup organizations go through an extensive process to become members of IICIE. Once selected the products and services of unique organizations are available to IICIE global affiliates. 
IICIE will ensure startups meet the following eligibility criteria before joining IICIE:
Innovative product or service offering.
Capacity to deliver products and services internationally.
Successful ongoing growth and sales of products.
Pass the IICIE selection process.
We only work with innovative and unique startups which promise successful growth and sales.

The Benefits

By becoming an IICIE global affiliate you will have the ability to access and sell hundreds of unique products and services. It is our due diligence to expose you to unique inventions which have a strong capability to grow internationally.
As an IICIE global affiliate you will receive:
Custom global affiliate website with capability to select unique product offerings.
Commissions and revenue share on all online sales.
Custom website traffic, marketing and social media in-direct support.
Access to IICIE exclusive events, conferences and roadshows.
Sales incentives for all products and services.

The Requirements

We are seeking for professionals who understand the entrepreneurship and startup communities. Successful IICIE global affiliates will have a strong network and will be able to clearly show actions which can assist our startup companies. Global affiliates will go through an interview to show capability in expanding our community’s products.

“Seeking for passionate entrepreneurship and startup professionals who are looking to make a difference – If this is you please contact us by filling out your information”


Note: Only registered users can become affiliate.

Affiliate Maintenance Fee is USD 1200 /- per year which are paid to IICIE at the advance of each year.

I have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions