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Have you seen the movie “300”, Yeah I know it was awesome but today I want to talk about it from innovators and entrepreneurships perspective. In the movie there were a group of solders which were 300 in number and they became an immovable wall in front of an entire army and all they did was choose a narrow passage which leads to their clan and defend the point where they were at their strongest and the enemy was at its weakest.

Same thing happened in the IT industry by one person named Steve Jobs when a lonesome person pitched the idea of personal computer that users can use in their home and at the same time became the biggest rival of the biggest IT Company of that time IBM. Since that time Steve Jobs has become an icon for personal computing and IT industry and till this date he is known for his innovation and entrepreneurship. Again one person with a group of people did what seems to be an impossible task.

Again the same thing happened to the internet when two friends decided that they wanted to change how users use the search function on the internet and how search results should be presented back to the users and the name of those two friends are Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Both had an idea and went with it now they are the world leaders and own the biggest search engine in the world Google.

My point is simple innovation is not too hard, coming up with an idea is also not the hard part. All you have to do it properly implement the idea and give it your 110% and trust me when you give it all, then results speaks for itself. What if those 300 people thought that what they are trying to do is impossible, what if Steve Jobs thought that a personal computer is not a viable product and people will never buy it, what if the founders of Google thought that who will use the internet for searching. If they have thought negatively they would have lost a long time ago and reading their names in this article would only confuse you but that is not the case. You all know them very well and will remember for their contribution to the industry for a very long time. Innovation has been never the hard part and never will be the hardest part is to stick to your vision no matter what. “Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.” - Colin Powell.