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Sony had long and successful career in almost every product in their portfolio TV, DVD, Play Station e.t.c. and they claimed themselves to be the best IT security company on the planet until a young boy with the age of only 18 years hacked the iOS device called the iPhone and became the first person to unlock iPhone to be used on any network the user liked. There was a law suit and surprisingly enough the biggest brand of the world Apple has lost the battle and it became legal to jailbreak ones iPhone to be used on any carrier the user like after they purchased the phone. The young hacker got so much attention in hacking community that they started supporting him on his other projects.

After the iPhone incident the young hacker was started to be known as Geo Hotz and started the new project of hacking the Play Station 3 by Sony. At first no one paid any attention to the matter, not even Sony but suddenly that young boy successfully hacked the Sony Play Station 3 and was able to successfully extract the propriety code from the machine and boot his own self made operating system on to Play Station 3. Sony got the news and retaliated and F.B.I was after the young hacker from that day onward the down fall of Sony started and Sony became the number one enemy of the specific hackers group. Sony did the case won the case and successfully fined the young hacker but strangely enough people from all over the world protected the boy and started the donation system for the boy and successfully paid off the fines Sony has implemented.

From that onwards the Sony was the key target of hacker all over the world and as a result Sony faced the biggest breach in the history if any IT company where Sony’s employee personal data users personal information and its company financial information was released to the public and the disaster was so big they until now Sony is on fire fighting state and will be in current state for quite some time. The current projects are halted and whole company is on disaster management situation.

My point of sharing all this information is to highlight the problem big companies face all the time e.g. Apple Fappening and Sony recent hacking incident both are IT hacking but both reacted to the problem in a different manner and managed the disaster caused by the hackers. Innovation and Creativity is the key to success and to manage a bad situation creativity and Innovation at same time Innovation is how can that problem be resolved and creativity is how to how efficiently you implement that solution. Basically Innovation Strategy and Innovation Creativity is needed to successfully resolve a bad situation and turn it into a normal or even a good situation by utilizing the opportunities that have risen by that particular situation and eliminating the threats that have emerged by that situation.

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