Progression of innovation

Jan 29 Posted By Ateeq Rehman | 0 comment

Apple is one of the largest brands in the world. People trust Apple and Apple have never let them down in the past and hopefully they will continue to amaze us with their new innovations and innovative ideas in the form new and improved technology or is this the future we would like to see but honestly I don’t see this in our future. The way technology is progressing and has progressed in the past few years the age of incremental change is coming to an end and we need a radical change now.

The year was 2007 and at the Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference Mr. Steve Jobs introduced a radical change in the industry of smart phones by the introduction of iPhone. The first smart phone combining a phone, an internet browser and an iPod (the best music player of that time) but combining these three components was not the radical move but the touch screen technology used for the phone’s screen was capacitive touch technology rather than resistive touch technology and that changed the game of whole smart phone industry and they didn’t stopped there, Apple also introduced a concept of an app store for the  phone where users can download applications and games directly to the phone (not a radical idea but implementation was an incremental innovation). Since then all over the globe every phone manufacturer followed the Apple’s designee philosophy and introduced the incremental innovations on the top of first radical innovative idea. Since then the technology has progressed so much that our smart phones have became an extension of ourselves and we can’t even imagine living without them.

The Key point is after series of incremental innovations we need a radical and a total game changing innovation where at first it looks and sounds so out of place that many won’t believe in it at first but soon enough people can relate to the idea so much so that they can even imagine their lives without it. The radical ideas are mostly there to stay for long term gains and incremental ideas are for short term gains a good example of that could be after every year Apple release a new iPhone where there is very little software and hardware improvements to keep up or generate the demands of the users. But in order to make a company’s survive long term radical innovation is the solution.

We at IICIE help guide new Innovators and Entrepreneurs to unlock their hidden potential and channel their innovative juices towards the current demand of the market, whether they need an incremental innovation or a radical innovation. We just don’t stop there we stay with them till the end of the process.