Valentine’s Day or Global Innovation Day

Feb 20 Posted By Ateeq Rehman | 0 comment

Let me be honest about this blog post, this is the month of February and it would be wrong if I won’t talk about Valentine’s Day. So let’s do this and carry out some evaluation and analysis of the biggest and most celebrated day of the year.

The year was 270 AD, a roman priest was about to make the history but in the process got martyred. The saint Valentines of Terni was high level priest with good heart and broad vision of making the world a better place by continue to defy the norms and culture enforced by the Emperor Claudius while helping out young men get married which was outlawed at that time. As soon as Emperor Claudius got the wind of the actions carried out by Saint Valentine the order was passed and Saint Valentine was martyred. The thought was simple and a courageous a man took risk by doing something that others dare not to perform and the result was the world’s most ancient and most celebrated holiday. To this day people around the world celebrate the Valentine’s day not knowing what was the story behind it at all but applauding the gesture by expressing their feelings to their loved ones.

One man took risk by doing something that he believed in and 1745 years later his nobel gesture and vision is still celebrated and that is what the power of doing something new and innovative has in it. Now a days, new innovators and entrepreneurs have brilliant ideas and they even know how to put their idea and thoughts into action but lack the courage to take the first step afraid of failure and disappointment they live under the shadow of their fear and lack of trust in themselves. The Valentine’s Day reminds us that there are no bad ideas, all we which needed is, clear focus and will to go to extra mile and will to change the future. If Steve Jobs have decided that no one will buy the iPod or the iPhone then we would not have been the part of digital age where knowledge of whole world is in the palm of our hands and information is only one click away. What if Larry Page and Sergey Brin thought no one will need to know the information and stopped the development of Google would we be still living knowing things we know now?

My point is as necessity is the mother of invention and everyone has needs hence everyone is capable of innovation but lack the courage to take the first step or lack the tools to put the idea into action. What if there is such a platform where new ideas get nourishment and converted into plans and those plans later put into action. What if there is some way we can ensure that all of the new ideas get fair chance to compete into the market and team of trained individuals who deliver your message to global audience. I use to think the same until I joined IICIE and I think my search has come to an end. I am pleased to announce that IICIE is the platform where future begins. Just remember “we’re all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one”