Apple Watch

Mar 20 Posted By Ateeq Rehman | 0 comment

 Throughout the history humans have evolved into complex social beings and through this evolution we have discovered that we are interconnected to each other on social, geographical and emotional levels but yet we are so different from each other that one can easily be differentiated from other and that difference is more prominent when we meet with people from different geographical location. Throughout the history we have learned how to live together, work together and become a hive mind for greater good of the future of the mankind.

Different people react to social norms and values differently, some take is more seriously than others and throughout the time we have faced different challenges and we came over every challenge and survived the nature and the nurture of out societies. During the process of survival of fittest we have learned that in order to survive we have to be strong and unique in such a way that odds of survival be in our favor.

Times have changed and the fight for the survival have changed from a physical fight to economical one. We now don’t have to be physically strong to fight dangers of the life instead we have to be financially strong to overcome challenges of the daily life, everything have changed but one thing remained un-changed and that is we have to be unique from others. Some have learned new traits that made then unique and other who can’t acquire new traits have adopted the fashion to look unique. Through economic stability and human urge to look and feel unique we all have develop some habits and adopted some props in order to look and feel unique but due to the rapid increase in the population of world it is harder for us to look and feel unique in ever increasing population.

The trends have changed new things come up old things went away but our urge to look and feel unique stayed the same and by exploring this desire of every human living on the planet earth Innovators and Entrepreneurs come up with new and unique ways to fill that void by equipping us with new gadgets which might make our life a bit easier or to perform some task with convenience or just to make us look unique but rarely someone comes up with a unique enough idea that singlehandedly cover all three aspects of human desire. Apple the pinnacle of Innovation in technology and design has successfully fulfilled our desire to look and feel unique. The Apple Watch is the technology that single handedly created a gadget that is unique which makes our life easier by eliminating our need to checking our phone ever few minutes and it is much continent for us to just view our wrist for updates and notifications from our loved ones on the go, while providing us with a premium device that promises durability and reliability throughout its life time.

Apple Watch is the world’s most unique and user friendly gadget. Apple is known for its uniqueness and high quality gadgets. Apple may provide its user the tools to become unique but IICIE provide its users one in life time chance to become the innovator of such unique product and live the life of an Entrepreneur (a person whose existence is unique and can’t be matched by others).

We at IICIE provide unique E-learning opportunities to our users which enables them to better preform in their daily life by enabling them to face their problems with unique and practical solutions. No one is born unique but on can learn to be unique.