Importance of Skills and Talented Employees in New Millennium

Mar 20 Posted By Nosherwan Adil | 0 comment

Organizations in recent times are dealing with a more globalized and sophisticated business environment where there are intense competition, new technologies, difficult investment decisions and the continuous changes in consumer taste and preferences. These difficult decisions always force businesses to develop new techniques and tactics to be able to survive in such market places. There are various business strategies that organizations could adopt in order to step up to the mark, some of these are through foreign direct investments, licensing, franchising and joint ventures but with all these available options, most organizations also focus to recruit and retain innovative employees.

In today’s job market, the skill level of employees is an expectation that employers are finding harder and harder to fulfill. As the population increases and becomes younger, it is less likely that seasoned professionals will look for alternate employment. Furthermore due to weak economies in most countries, people are more cautious about changing jobs mid-career. More seasoned professionals of the past generation are now mostly retired and are no longer active. These and other factors have made it harder to find experienced staff. As a consequence some companies may choose to hire relatively less experienced and innovative employee for their talent and future growth potential based on their academic and aptitude testing performances.

Company that is more modern and dynamic, where the organizational structure is loose and where employees work freely in a non-structured and open plan environment and expect their ideas and interests to be given the same importance as others is more suited for innovative employees who have little or no experience. A good example of this kind of environment is a software developing company like a game developer. These organizations have a casual work environment both in terms of culture and the physical layout of the work space. Here employees work towards deadlines with set goals with each working of their own specialty and bringing their own ideas and talents to the overall product. Skilled professionals are highly essential to the functioning of an organization. The intangible and internalized knowledge and experience base that lies within their individual and collective memory and culture becomes essential to both strategic functioning of an organization to its day to day running.