Microsoft Windows 10 a Software Innovation

Jul 31 Posted By Ateeq Rehman | 0 comment

Microsoft the world largest software company has recently launched its latest and greatest operation system Windows 10. Now the question is not about what’s next it is more about how far they have come along since Windows 1.0 era and more importantly how much they have evolved in terms of pure innovation. At the time Windows 1.0 was launched, it was completely a new and innovative of using computer through graphical user interface. Before that time there was only DOS and although it was a powerfully operating system it lacked the ease of usage and more importantly user appeal in terms of user interface. Since then windows has moved to more graphical inclined user interface and never looked back since. The first operating system introduces by Microsoft which actually used graphical user interface was windows 1.0 it was announced in 1985. At that time the step Microsoft took to go with the more graphical user interface was the radical decision and it paid off with increase in sales and over all company growth.

After windows 1.0 Microsoft has released one operating system after another and to be honest not all of them are huge success but there are few names that to this date can spark the sense of familiarity among PC users and those names are Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows X and Windows 7. There were many releases in between these releases but none of them managed to grasp the user’s attention like these four releases grasped. Now Microsoft has once again release its latest operating with the name of windows 10 and once again it is time to evaluate that weather windows has done something innovative, can it be a commercial success or it will also become a part of those forgotten releases like before only time will tell. This time the innovative part done by Microsoft is that the operating system is launched across its eco system e.g. PC, mobile, Tablet and Xbox.

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